False Step

Created at MADJAM 2015: GDX Super Jam

False Step



A puzzle game where the player moves across the map left and right with A or D including scaling up and down blocks. The player can only climb one block at a time. Press A or D while holding the SHIFT modifier to pull a single block or push multiple unobstructed blocks. Certain Blocks cannot be moved. Press S to move down and perform a ledge grab - then A or D to shuffle across ledges. Press W to pull yourself back up, if the ledge is clear. The player should acquire the POCKET WATCH to proceed to the next stage. There are 12 stages in total. Alternatively, if the player dies, they automatically move to the next stage. Watch out when you pull or push a block, as that can cause the blocks above to fall! In this game world, blocks are supported by blocks directly below, or to the bottom left or right. If the block has no support, get out of the way before you get squished! Unless the block is darker, in which case the player has nothing to worry about - those blocks never move. Good luck, and have fun!

Game Team

mirror_truthAmber-Rose BoydRebecca AntonakisRyan SteelSarah Von Gertzen

Badges Earned

Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden

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Silence Is Golden

Gold Badge

You ignored your kindergarten teacher by refusing to use your words.

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5 Points

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