Rewarding The Best Of The Best

Judges' Choice


At the end of each MADJAM 2016 game jam, our panel of expert judges will review each submitted game. Judges will individually rate each game based on its art, gameplay, game design, sound/music design, exploration of the theme, and overall level of polish. The team with the highest score will be awarded the Judges’ Choice and take home a killer prize package provided by our sponsors.

For Our Completionists

Badge Collector Award


Badges are a way to add an extra layer of challenge to the MADJAM 2016 game jams. Participants can earn badges by completing specific technical, design, and artistic challenges and each badge is worth a different amount of points based on its difficulty.

Badges were originally introduced for MADJAM 2015 as a means to conduct the year-long individual competition. For MADJAM 2016, the method of earning badges remains the same, but points do not accrue at an individual level. Instead, the Badge Collector Award will be given to the team with the most amount of badge points in their submitted game at the end of each MADJAM game jam. Only one team can win this award. In the event of a tie, the panel of judges will choose the winner. Winners will take home a fantastic prize package provided by our sponsors.

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