MADJAM is an Edmonton-based, year-long event that is made up of quarterly game jams, each associated to a global or local event. At the end of each jam, the games will be judged by our panel of experts and voted on by the public. The developers of the best games will be awarded points. These points accumulate and the developers with the most points by the end of the year will win totally rad rewards!


The Quarterly Jams

Global Game Jam (Ended)

The Global Game Jam was the first MADJAM event and the world's largest game jam! Our jammers joined the worldwide game development community and created amazing games in just 48 hours.

January 23 - 25 Startup Edmonton
Summary Games Jammers
4 Speakers 1 Booth 5 Judges Awesome SWAG $6000+ In Prizes

GDX Super Jam (Ended)

The Game Discovery Exhibition is a student-organized event meant to promote Edmonton's game development community and its work. This was a week-long game jam.

April 25 - May 2 University Of Alberta
Summary Games Jammers
10+ Speakers 2 Booths 4 Judges Awesome SWAG $2000+ In Prizes

Unity Jam (Ended)

In this game jam, participants will have to compete using specific tools and resources provided by Unity.

July 17 - 24 Northlands / K-Days
Summary Games Jammers
4 Speakers 2 Booths 4 Judges Awesome SWAG $1000+ In Prizes

Extra Life Edmonton Jam (Ended)

This game jam will take place at the same time as Extra Life's yearly 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for Children's Hospitals.

November 7 - 8 Commonwealth Community Rec Centre
Summary Games Jammers BUY THE BUNDLE!
1 Speaker 4 Judges Awesome SWAG $1000 In Prizes

Earning Points

During each MADJAM event, participants can accrue points at an individual level. The participant(s) with the most points by the end of the year will receive rewards including a Startup Edmonton Shared Memberships, software licenses, hardware/equipment, resources, and other Sponsor-specific prizes. Points will be tracked on the MADJAM website for each participant. There are four ways an individual can earn MADJAM points.

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Organized by MADSOFT Games

MADSOFT Games develops and publishes amazing browser-based games. We design games that put our players first: games that engage your heart, not your wallet. Our love affair with the City of Champions began in February of 2013 when we moved our headquarters into Edmonton, Alberta. We created MADJAM to bring together the immense talent this city has to offer and to showcase that talent to the world.

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