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Global Game Jam

InfoMADJAM 2016 starts off with a bang as we host the official Edmonton site for the world’s largest game jam, the Global Game Jam. Participants will be joining the worldwide game development community to create amazing games in 48 short hours, using the guidelines and theme set forth by Global Game Jam.

LocationShaw Conference Centre, Salon 9
9797 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1N9

TimeFrom January 29, 5:00PM
To January 31, 7:00PM


A series of fantastic game jams in Edmonton.

MADJAM 2015 - Picture 3 MADJAM 2015 - Picture 4 MADJAM 2015 - Picture 5

Hosted by local indie developer and publisher MADSOFT Games, MADJAM is a series of game development events designed to foster growth in Edmonton’s burgeoning video game industry. Through carefully curated game jams, workshops, and lectures, we hope to build a strong, sustainable network of local game artists, developers, and designers. MADJAM provides the opportunity for video game professionals and hobbyists to forge new friendships and partnerships within the Edmonton game development community.

The cornerstone events of MADJAM 2016 are its two competitive game jams, each challenging participants to build a new game within a 48 hour period. The MADJAM game jams provide a unique opportunity for participants to rapidly expand their portfolios and work within a multidisciplinary team. At the end of each game jam, a team of local experts will review all the submitted games before selecting their "Judges' Choice". A secondary winning team will also be selected using the MADJAM badge system, where participants can take on optional artistic and technical challenges to earn points for their game. Winners of the Judges' Choice Award and the Badge Collector Award will walk away with some stupendous game development tools and assets provided by our sponsors.

Between the MADJAM game jams, participants will have the chance to sign up for workshops and lectures discussing current game design philosophy, tips and tricks for modern game engines and tools, and various other game development topics. This workshop and lecture series is designed to be supplementary to the MADJAM game jams, allowing participants to expand their game development tool belt and explore new ideas outside the pressures of the game jam time constraints.

Edmonton is a well of untapped (and largely unrecognized) talent. MADJAM 2016 aims to highlight the creativity and passion of the local game development scene while providing events that allow developers and artists to connect, build, and play.

Last Year's Events


MADJAM 2015 - Picture 1 MADJAM 2015 - Picture 2

MADJAM 2015 was Edmonton’s first year-long game development event and saw over 150 participants compete in four quarterly game jams held in conjunction with local and international gaming events. MADJAM 2015 awarded prizes per event to winning teams selected by a panel of expert judges, but it also introduced the concept of MADJAM badges, allowing individuals to accumulate points across the events.

The top three point-earners from all four game jams were awarded a fantastic prize package to start their own indie development studios, including office space provided by Startup Edmonton, publishing opportunities with MADSOFT Games, and software licenses from Houdini FX, Unity, and Toon Boom.

Looking beyond the competitive nature of the game jams, MADJAM 2015 played host to 16 different lectures about everything from sound design and writing music for games to making the most of Unity’s lighting tools and building intuitive tutorials and introductory sequences. Games from each event also made special public appearances at a variety of Edmonton gaming conferences and conventions, giving participants a chance to receive essential feedback from real people.

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